Exercises With a Rubber Band

    Rubber band exercises are a good way to strengthen the muscles but also to restore flexibility and increase the circulation in the soft parts. Feel free to do an exercise when you take a break from your practice. 

    Instructions for training with a rubber band 

    • Stand on your feet in a stable position, and feel your knees relaxed and loose.
    • Stabilise your back by tightening the buttocks slightly and activating the stomach (centre). This applies for all starting positions.
    • Let your shoulders and wrists fall to be in a neutral position in line with the forearm.
    • Perform the exercises calmly and feel the resistance as you release.
    • The longer the rubber band, the less resistance there will be, and vice versa.
    • Repeat each exercise 8–12 times per programme, for 2–3 programmes.
    • Do this 2–3 times per week in order to maintain the circulation and build some muscle. More times than this will build more muscle.


    exercises rubber band 15


    exercises rubber band 14


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    exercises rubber band 11



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    exercises rubber band 4


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