1. Introduction

    Being on stage

    To be on stage performing music for an enthusiastic audience can be pleasurable, fantastic, challenging and demanding, but can also often become an uncomfortable and nerve-wracking experience, after which it can be almost impossible to understand how you were able to get from start to finish. Preparation begins much earlier, in the practice room, and it is there that good habits are formed. To feel comfortable, safe and relaxed in the actual performance situation is crucial to then be able to focus on the music itself and give your all when you need.

    Ergonomics for Musicians

    This document has come into being as reference material to find guidance for the changes needed regarding various injuries. In different educational circumstances, the need is great for reference material with specific information on ergonomics to be used as a basis for the teaching of various instruments. Since making music requires your entire being to be actively engaged, both physically and psychologically, this document also discusses thought patterns and emotions. It includes a review of basic ergonomics as well as ergonomic advice for specific instruments, to be used as a basis for discussion about how to engage the body in a more healthy way in a physiological perspective. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the professional musicians and educators who have helped us in the development of this work.

    We cannot ignore the effect of stress on the body. At times stress can be particularly evident, and it can be difficult to handle the high level of tension in the muscles. A common theme running through these pages is the need to increase knowledge regarding improved self-care. Here you will find advice about various types of preparatory exercises. Physical training is necessary in order to handle an active life as a musician.

    Artist- & Musikerhälsan – a clinic for artists and musicians

    With over ten years of working with musicians and artists, either during their studies or in a professional context, we have considerable experience to draw on, regarding both preventative work and to deal with injuries. Our belief is that good health is supported by being able to balance stress in combination with being in touch with your body and understanding its reactions and needs.

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