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    Course – Ergonomics for musicians

    Welcome to the course 'Ergonomics for musicians'!

    Course Information:

    These four classes explore how the body can provide support and stability to your instrument so that power and energy can be expressed in making music. The classes focus on the experiences I have made during my almost 20 years in the meeting with different musicians. Therefore, the focus will be on areas of the body that are particularly vulnerable, such as the shoulder and hand, as part of preventing discomfort in these structures. We will also look at how the body can be a help in such obstacles as tremors and nervousness. Throughout the classes, we will discuss how to get the exercise routine optimized.

    The classes are planned for four occasions and about one hour at a time.

    Week 1: Focus on exploring stability in sitting and standing, with and without the instrument.
    Week 2: Focus on the shoulder; how it can support the arm and hand and exercises that improve its function.
    Week 3: Focus on the hand and exercises that provide stability and function for the hand and fingers.
    Week 4: Focus on stress management, mindfulness exercises and breathing.


    Professional musicians: 2 000 SEK
    Students: 1 000 SEK


    The course can be given at your workplace or in our premises in Malmö, Gothenburg or Stockholm. It is also available online.

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    MALMÖ – with physiotherapist Ing-Marie Olsson

    GOTHENBURG – with physiotherapist Anna Bjarnegard

    STOCKHOLM – with physiotherapist Maria Sjögren

    Presentation of the course

    Karin Engquist och Ing-Marie Olsson
    Artist- & Musikerhälsan
    Östra Rönneholmsvägen 9B
    211 47 Malmö
    Phone: +46 (0)708 670 647

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