Occupational health service

    We are an accredited (“FHV”) healthcare team serving professional musicians. Our combined areas of expertise enable us to provide a thorough analysis of workplace problems that leads to improvements with or without the support of “Försäkringskassan” (the Swedish health insurance authority).

    Norrlands opera and Gävle Symfoniorkester are examples of how we provide education and individual consultations for musicians. We can also provide long term healthcare, as we do for Malmö Symfoniorkester, Radiokören, Radioorkestern and in some cases, the Concert Hall in Stockholm.

    Comments from our clients:

    “The visits have been extremely helpful in preventing injuries and providing support. Your help has enabled me to continue working as a professional musician.”
    A musician

    “Your visit to our workplace has meant a great deal to me. I now have several new mental and physical tools to enhance my playing. Today I feel much stronger both physically and mentally, and when there are tough times, I use the effective tools you have provided.”
    Another musician

    “That which makes the big difference is Musikerhälsan’s 2-factor approach which focuses on both physical and mental aspects of performance preparation. It also takes into consideration influential factors in one’s private life. I have found that musicians are more able to open up about their difficulties for Karin and Ing-Marie, than during a work evaluation discussion. Afterwards, I receive invaluable feedback, which makes it possible to improve our cooperative efforts to help our musicians advance in their artistic careers.”
    Orchestra Director of Norrlandsoperan

    The importance of a healthcare provider with specialist competence.

    According the Swedish Work Environmental Law (“Arbetsmiljölagen AFS 2001:1 SAM: Företagshälsovård § 12”):
    “When an employer is lacking the specialist competence for systematic work environment improvements, or cannot provide the support necessary to adapt the workplace and provide rehabilitation after an injury, the employer must acquire such resources from outside the organization. If there are specific work environment problems, it is sometimes useful to join a healthcare group that can provide specialist competence.”

    We offer preventative training in ergonomics for musicians. This includes education about the body’s physical needs in order to prevent injury, as well as how to develop good ways to prepare mentally.

    We focus on the specific work environment demands on stage performers and musicians. This includes learning a professional way to handle physical and ergonomic challenges in specific work-related situations for various instruments. We also include mental training support that enhances performance.

    Sound levels are also an important aspect of the musician’s work environment. Preventing hearing injuries requires knowledge of just how high these levels may reach for musicians, how they can be measured and what can be done to prevent injury.

    Various solutions such as sound absorbing screens can be used. Time away from loud sound exposure should be included in work schedules. We can also provide analysis, strategies and support when symptoms of overexposure have become apparent.

    Karin Engquist och Ing-Marie Olsson
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