Rehabtjänst – Physiotherapy reception

    In rehabtjänst you are treated in a holistic perspective, by s choice of 23 qualified Physiotherapists and two massage therapists. After a basic diagnosis, we can offer professional treatment in the form of manual techniques, rehabilitative training, pain alleviation, and ergonomic advice.

    Your medical history, past treatment, training and/or work situation is considered together with any diagnostic discoveries, which form the basis of your treatment plan. We also have an established working relationship with Doctors if further investigation and complementary measures are necessary.

    In Rehabtjänst we have high competence in areas such as orthopaedic manual therapy (OMT), McKenzie, auto-traction, orthopaedic rehabilitating, sports medicine, neurological rehabilitating, acupuncture/TENS and ergonomy.

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    Physiotherapy reception E-mail:
    Phone: 08-441 16 60


    Karin Engquist och Ing-Marie Olsson
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