Pontus Liljefors – Mindfulness instructor

    Do you struggle with feelings and thoughts around performance, criticism and stress? Then training in mindfulness and self-compassion can help.

    I am a certified Mindfulness Instructor and trained singer as well as a civil engineer.

    For 25 years of my life I held performing as my meaning in life and my well-being. whether it was in the practice room on the concert stage or in mathematics exams. It worked quite well, until it didn’t. As a 25 year old I experienced a life crisis which led me to mindfulness and contemplative practices, which revolutionised my life.

    I have practiced Mindfulness daily for seven years and became certified as a Mindfulness Instructor at the Mindfulness Centre in 2014.

    With help of the training in Mindfulness and self-compassion can you learn tools and approaches towards handling thoughts and feelings around performance, self criticism and stress - ones that we all experience, not least in such a high performance activity as being an artist or musician.

    I can offer both short sessions and longer courses in Mindfulness and self-compassion - individually and in groups. I live in Stockholm, alternatively virtually over a video link online.

    Down below you find links about mindfulness.
    1. Why practice mindfulness as an artist and musician?
    2. What is mindfulness? How to practice?
    3. Guided mindfulness meditation, 10 min.

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    Course: Joyful Performance

    Do you have challenges with around performance, critique and stress?
    Do you experience that your feeling for the music sometimes is overshadowed by performance?

    Find a more relaxed, curious and loving relationship with yourself and your music through the course Joyful Performance.
    Based on the conditions of the musician we work with evidence-based tools from mindfulness and self-compassion to find a freer relationship to performance. Through six weeks of exploration with these tools you can start to develop a way of being with yourself, the audience and your music that is grounded in presence, self-compassion and your feeling for the music. It's not a question of removing troublesome thoughts or feelings, but shifting our perspective of ourselves.

    The course runs over six weeks with weekly meetings in small groups with theory, meditations, experience-based exercises and dialogues. Between meetings you will get meditations and exercises to explore by yourself during the weeks.
    Week 1: Intro + Mindfulness
    Week 2: Mindfulness + The nervous system
    Week 3: Self-compassion
    Week 4: Compassion with others
    Week 5: The performance
    Week 6: Synthesis and conclusion
    Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact course leader Pontus Liljefors.

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