Marja Bennett – Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

    Alexander Technique makes it possible to become conscious of, and change, habits that cause problems and pain in everyday life. The causes of problems with backs, necks, shoulders, joints, often derive from the different ways and the different reasons, by which we disturb our natural upright posture - that is, the balance between our heads, necks and backs. Lessons in the Alexander Technique give you the possibility of prevention as well as the remedy of the problems caused by this imbalance and promotes the body’s natural inclination towards balance.

    Marja has worked as an Alexander teacher since 1999, on qualifying from her three year full-time training. Her background is in singing. The problems she had with her neck and jaw drove her to take Alexander lessons. Nowadays she is to be found also in Härnösand, where she offers private consultations and workshops.

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    Marja Bennett

    Marja Bennett

    Certified teacher of the Alexander technique E-mail:
    Phone: 0733-68 95 86


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