Maria Sjögren – Reg physiotherapist, Ergonomist, Pilates instructor

    Are you a musician and want to dissolve pain, aches, or muscle tension? Or do you feel limited by nervousness, stress or anxiety?

    I am a certified physiotherapist since 1996 with several supplementary trainings within physiologic and mental methods and forms of training. I’m also
    a riksspelman on the violin and have been part of several folk music groups and constellations throughout the years. 

    It was when I faced stage fright and bow jitters myself that I started searching for more specific knowledge within music ergonomics, nervousness and performance. Today my passion lies within supporting other musicians in finding their optimal balance in the body and in playing music. A consultation with me means that we work with the exact tools, dialogues, training or manual therapy that you need to progress towards your goals and wellbeing. Often we also work hands-on with your instrument.

    I am based in Stockholm, but I am also available via video link.

    Below are the trainings I have in my toolbox, yet, most important are the experiences and knowledge that I have received through all musicians and groups that I have had
    the joy of working with and supporting through the years.
    Certified physiotherapist, Ergonomist training, Basic Body Awareness Therapy, Pilates instructor, Leadership training – Pain Academy, Freeing dance and mindfulness instructor, Music ergonomics, Optimum instructor, and Optimum mind coach. 

    Course in music ergonomics:
    A course based on the experiences and knowledge that I have seen benefit musicians I have worked with through the years. The course is both for you who want to work proactively to gain more freedom in your playing, and for you who want to address certain pains.
    The course is divided into four sessions where we will work with both theory and practice:
    1. The body’s stability and natural balance. Theory and practices to find ease and a trouble-free way of sitting and standing with your instrument.
    2. Neck and shoulder. How you can enable the optimal function in the area where many musicians feel stiffness, pain, and discomfort.
    3. How body stability and shoulder function can provide support and freedom for arm and hand when you play. Will include specific hand exercises.
    4. Presence, breathing, flow. How you can impact feelings such as stress, worry, nervousness, and performance.
    Sign up by contacting Maria Sjögren, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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    Maria Sjögren

    Maria Sjögren

    Reg physiotherapist, ergonomist, Pilates instructor E-post:  
    Phone: 0705-73 42 79


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