Bertil Lundborg – Reg physiotherapist

    I love music and I do not want musicians to play with injuries that hinder them. To motivate and assist a person through guidance, individually tailored training and manual treatment, is something that I find to be the most important in my work. My goal is that my patients and colleagues should consider me to be competent, communicative, able to solve problems, educational and calm.

    Bertil is a Physiotherapist and musician and has researched strength training for professional musicians. During the coming years he continues to study to be a specialist in physical activity and sports medicine. Through his company, Musikerkliniken he works with freelance musicians as well as orchestral musicians in, amongst others, Hovkapelet, the Philharmonikerna, and the Radio Symphoniker orchestras. He works at Agilokliniken at Norrlandsgatan 11 and at Västra Järnvägsgatan 13.

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    Bertil Lundborg

    Bertil Lundborg

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    Phone: 0701-54 32 89


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