Staffan Wester – Licensed Psychotherapist CBT, certified Mindfulness-instructorr

    Staffan has many years' clinical experience behind him, including work with teens and young adults with BUP and "Student Health" at Lund University.
    He now works independently running his own practice. His main interest is stress and stress-related disorders relevant to our times and what you can do to promote good mental health and work ability. Different aspects of anxiety, depression and crises are other areas Staffan can help with. Working with our thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns with the aim of bringing about real change is a cornerstone, where CBT has many tools and aspects to offer.

    Staffan is also an active musician and performer, and through his knowledge and experience in the cultural sector, is happy to receive musicians, performers, students and other professionals. This can be in connection with, for example, stress, performance anxiety, stage fright, low self-esteem, destructive self-criticism and obstructive procrastination.

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    Andreas Sjögren

    Staffan Wester

    Licensed psychoterapist CBT, certified Mindfulness-instructor E-post:
    Phone: 0708-11 84 26


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