Gardar Viborg – Licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist

    Gardar Viborg, legitimerad psykolog och legitimerad psykoterapeut med kognitiv-terapeutisk inriktning.

    I'm a psychotherapist mentor, fil.dr. in psychology and specialist in clinical psychology.

    I am highly experienced in working with different types of mental health issues. I have also a great deal of experience in working in an advisory capacity both in clinical environments and educational establishments.

    I have a private practice and offer both short and long term CBT treatment for various types of mental health issues. Examples include social anxiety, panic syndrome (with or without agoraphobia), general worry, compulsive behaviour, health anxiety, phobias, depression, self-destructive behaviour, low self-esteem, fatigue syndrome, relationship problems, crises and stress syndrome as well PTSD.

    I also offer help dealing with procrastination, perfectionism, anger and irritability.

    Contact Information

    Gardar Viborg

    Gardar Viborg

    Licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist E-post:
    Phone: 0707-74 65 01


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