Kristina Hedberg Karlberg – Reg physiotherapist and movement therapist

    Kristina has a long professional career in choreography and movement therapy. She has worked with Artisten (HSM), Folkteatern, Stadsteatern, Danscentrum, as well as several freelance performers and groups. She knows firsthand about the working conditions for performers in both theatrical institutions and short-term projects.

    Her focus is on posture, physical tension and breathing. Her work is based on psychomotor physical therapy, reflex integration and shock / trauma treatment. Kristina holds courses in body awareness and movement, lectures on stress, and provides individual consultation for improved physical well-being.

    For you as an artist, the body is an instrument that expresses many different aspects of our humanity. Performers must meet a wide range of mental and physical challenges, which demand complete access to our physical capacities.

    Kristina’s clients learn to recognise their habits and perfromance resources. A strong grounding in our feet and legs helps us to relax many tensions in the upper parts of our bodies; the neck and shoulders. You will get to learn a better quality of movement, vital breathing techniques, as well as how to master inner stress so you can be fully present both on and off the stage.


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    Kristina Hedberg Karlberg

    Kristina Hedberg Karlberg

    Reg. Phsyiotherapist and movment therapist E-post:
    Phone: 0708-24 29 41


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