Ariel Zamit – Sport Massage Therapist

    Ariel is a Sport Massage Therapist certified by the “KrY” – The Swedish Association of Professional Body Therapists, of which he is an active member.

    Ariel has worked full-time as a sport massage therapist since 2005 and has several years of experience working with professional athletes, dancers and singers. He uses stretching, joint mobilisation, deep massage and myofascial release techniques. These help to soften stiff muscles and prevent adhesions and scar tissue in both muscles and connective tissues.

    Regular massage treatments can help eliminate injuries and promote faster recuperation if they occur. Tense muscles and dysfunctional joints can be very painful, resulting in physical limitations affecting one’s ability to perform in general. The body’s natural recovery mechanism – a good night’s sleep – is also affected negatively by pain.


    031-711 67 10 MassageCentrum på Kungsgatan 12.

    031-47 23 90 Massörerna Frölunda på Gruvgatan 8.

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    Ariel Zamit

    Ariel Zamit

    Sport Massage Therapist E-post:
    Phone: 0733-82 93 02


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