Anna Bjarnegård Sellius – Registered phsysiotherapist, specialising in pain and pain relief

    Our specialist in pain relief has many years of experience treating stress-related health problems. Her competence includes expert training in basic body awareness, acupuncture, diagnosis of muscular function and therapy, as well as sleep disorders.

    Currently, Anna works primarily with basic body awareness, focusing on stability and balance to promote advantageous patterns of movement and good function. Pain and stress cause us to shut out the body’s signals. Therefore it is critical to learn how we can handle stress in the moment. Our thoughts influence what happens in our bodies, but actual experience and bodily efforts also influence our thoughts. Anna takes the entire person into account when working with clients. Bring your instrument along when you meet with her in order to get a complete analysis of how playing influences your specific muscular function.


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    Anna Bjarnegård Sellius

    Anna Bjarnegård Sellius

    Registered Physiotherapist, specialising in pain and pain releif E-post:
    Phone: 0707-21 90 83


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