Artist- & Musikerhälsans in Gothenburg

    In our team, we can receive you who want advice or help with pain, strain injuries, muscle tension, stress, nervousness / ramp fever with various types of mental barriers, anxiety, depression or voice problems.

    We have special expertise in artists 'and musicians' everyday work, but we are also there for you who come from completely different contexts. With the broad competence that is in the team, you can get both advice, training and treatment with the goal that you should be able to influence your problems, so that it works better in everyday life.

    There are several different ways to reach the goal such as. with alexander technique, basic body knowledge, ergonomics, psychotherapy, voice therapy and treatment for hearing problems.

    For more than 20 years now, we have had assignments with occupational health care. Courses and training are something we want to prioritize in our business.

    Doctor Karin Engqvist will act as leader of the network.

    Telephone numbers and other contact details for the team’s various specialists can be found in the menu to the right.


    Karin Engquist och Ing-Marie Olsson
    Artist- & Musikerhälsan
    Östra Rönneholmsvägen 9B
    211 47 Malmö
    Phone: +46 (0)708 670 647

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